IEEE ISIT2011 TPC Chairs Contact E-Mail: Recent Results

Authors are encouraged and welcome to submit their most recent results in information theory to present their work at the ISIT 2011 poster session. Anyone who wants to present recent results are required to send their manuscript (either in normal paper format or in poster format) to Dr. Peter Harremo¸s at by May 30, 2011.

Please note that these papers will not go through a formal review process, and will not appear in the published proceedings of ISIT 2011.

A recent results poster session will be held during the conference. Each presenter will be given a poster board for display. The stationery and hardware necessary for putting up posters on the boards will be provided on location. Poster presenters will be required to set up their posters prior to the start of the session.

The list of presentations for the recent result sesion:

M. Ertugrul Çelebi and Sinan Kahraman

Dimensionality Reduction for the Golden Code with Worst-case Complexity of O(m2)

Aly El Gamal, V. Sreekanth Annapureddy, and Venugopal V. Veeravalli


Degrees of Freedom (DoF) of Locally Connected Interference Channels with Coordinated Multi-Point (CoMP) Transmission

Mikhail Malyutov

Compression based homogeneity testing

Girish N. Nair

A Non-Stochastic Information Theory for Communication and State Estimation over Erroneous Channels

Hamideza Ebrahimzadeh Saffar, E. Haj Mirza Alian Aminabadi and P. Mitran

A Source-Channel Coding Separation Theorem for Phase Incoherent Multiple-Access Relay Channel

Hayato Takahashi

Algorithmic analogies to Kamae-Weiss theorem on normal numbers

Ioannis Mitliagkas, Aditya Gopalan, Constantine Caramanis, Sriram Vishwanath

User Rankings from Comparisons: Learning Permutations in High Dimensions

Lei Zhou and Wei Yu

Incremental Relaying for the Interference Channel

Omar Fawzi, Patrick Hayden, Ivan Savov, Pranab Sen and Mark M. Wilde

Quantum Interference Channels

Mark M. Wilde, Patrick Hayden, Saikat Guha

Information trade-offs for optical quantum communication

Narayana Prasad Santhanam and Dharmendra Modha

Lossy Lempel-Ziv like compression algorithms for discrete memoryless sources

Chun Lam Chan, Pak Hou Che, Qiwen Wang

Non-Adaptive Group Testing with Noisy Measurements

Saber Salehkaleybar and Mohammad Reza Pakravan

Decision-Based Medium Access Control Protocol for Cognitive Interference Avoidance

Saber Salehkaleybar, Seyyed Arash Majd and Mohammad Reza Pakravan

Delay Analysis and Buffer Management for Random Accessing in Cognitive Radio Networks

Akiyuki Yano and Tadashi Wadayama

Probabilistic Analysis on Network Reliability Problem

Wen-Chieh Chang

A Throughput-Optimizing Power Allocation Policy for Parallel Gaussian Channels Under Finite-Length and Fixed-Rate Coding Constraints

Qiwen Wang, Pak Hou Che, Sidharth Jaggi

Binary Error Correcting Network Codes

Peter Harremoes

Bound on Rate of Convergence in Information Theoretic Multivariat Central Limit Theorem

Teemu Roos

An Extended Framework for Measuring the Information Capacity of the Human Motor System