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Joint Student`s and WITHITS Lunch

Monday, August 1, 12:50-14:40
Restraunt (1st Floor). Joint Luncheon of ITSoc Student Committee and Women in IT Society.

Student Paper Award Finalists

Finalists for ISIT 2011 Student Paper Award:
Paper Student author Session-slot in session
To Feed or Not to Feed Back Himanshu Asnani 01 G-01 (1)
Covering Point Patterns Andreas Malär 01 S-01 (3)
Prediction of Priors for Communication over Arbitrarily Varying Channels Yuval Lomnitz 02 S-02 (2)
Sum Degrees-of-Freedom of Two-Unicast Wireless Networks Ilan Shomorony 02 W-02 (4)
Capacity of Gaussian Channels with Duty Cycle and Power Constraints Lei Zhang 03 G-03 (4)
On the Decoding Complexity of Cyclic Codes Up to the BCH Bound Davide Schipani 05 C-05 (2)
Communicating Remote Gaussian Sources over Gaussian Multiple Access Channels I-Hsiang Wang 05 S-05 (4)
Degrees of Freedom of the Interference Channel: a General Formula Yihong Wu 06 M-08 (1)
On Codes that Correct Asymmetric Errors with Graded Magnitude Distribution Eitan Yaakobi 06 Me-06 (3)
A Potential Function View of Information Theoretic Interference Games Suvarup Saha 07 G-07 (2)
The Dispersion of Infinite Constellations Amir Ingber 08 C-08 (5)
Localization from Incomplete Noisy Distance Measurements Adel Javanmard 09 E-09 (1)
Channels with Intermittent Errors Arya Mazumdar 10 C-10 (4)
On Unconditionally Secure Multi-Party Sampling from Scratch Ye Wang 10 Me-10 (2)

Special Collaborative Research Student Project

Tuesday, August 2, 18:30-20:00
18:30-20:00 Green 8.

Student`s Lunch

Thursday, August 4, 12:50-14:40
Restaurant Baltika, 15th floor
Peterhof - view from the palace balcony